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You Have Every Reason to thank God - See Photos of This Lady Without Hands But Do Everything With Legs

In this life there are ups and down, many people find themselves in a situation that they did not pray for but find a way to still survive it. There is a saying the says “there is no problem without a solution”.

There are people in this world that have everything they went, but little do the observers know that those kind of people are facing their own demon in their own way. Alway be contemplated with what is available for you, with what you have.

This young lady you are seeing on in the photos here is by the name Kashmiere Culberson, she was given birth to without her hands, she was not involved in any type of accident or incident that lead to the lost, it was all just natural, but she was having a conduction called Bilateral phocomelia which is the cause of no hands growth.

Why not thank God for your life? 

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