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Young Lady Regrets After a Wicked Photographer Posted Her [email protected] Photos On Facebook

A wicked photographer is said to have been arrested after posting this photographs on social media. The photograph is that of a pre-wedding photoshops where a lady was carried by her prospectus husband and the photographer refused to tell her that everything was opened for the world to see. 

The Photographer took the photographs that way and went ahead to post it on social media which have subsequently led to his arrest.

Though many people on Facebook have come out to defend the man, that will not save him from police custody. Some Facebook users admitted that the Photographs have been circulating on the social media for a while now and criticized the Photographer for not informing the lady to dress well. Many people who came to the defense of the lady were women who admitted that nobody was above mistake. But they were however mad that the lady went out without under wears.

Though many young men defended the Photographer, others bashed him for posting it on social media. The wedding was reportedly put on hold because of the shame the incident have brought to the young couple and their families, including friends and well-wishers which was why the naughty photographer was arrested. However, the poster did not mention where the incident took place.

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