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15 Businesses You Can Be Do That Will Give You N130,000 Monthly

These are the businesses you can commence that will be fetching you N130,000 monthly.

1. ​​Free writing
   You can also choose to pay for newspapers, magazines or other websites. This is one of the best ways to make money online as this job does not require any special skills. This company is one of the best ways for Nigerian graduates to make money online even when applying for other positions in the company.

   2. Stationery

   Another idealistic way to make money in Nigeria is to sell office supplies and other writing implements. Selling materials such as Onward, Leo Smart, Lucky Ballpen, large books, math tools, pens, pencils or diagram books can make you big money especially in your area where you are close to academic fields. Very committed to educational institutions.

   3. Welding

   I've seen welders ask over 100,000 for a small metal door, and when they receive orders from hotels and schools, they charge even more. The welding activities are good especially in Nigeria where the major cities around the major cities are developing rapidly. For skilled Nigerians, this is another profitable business idea.

   4. Restaurants and canteens

   Restaurants and restaurants earn more than 40% of their profits every day. Even if you are very young, this business can bring you a lot of money. By simply cooking and serving food, you can make money for people who cannot or cannot cook. My aunt has a restaurant in Sulere and she made a lot of money before she went abroad. Even now he wants to start Nigerian cuisine in the UK and earn money during his visit.

   5. Sale of clothing / accessories

   If you find a boutique or small store that can sell clothes, shoes, pants, watches and other accessories, you make a lot of money. If you are lucky enough to start a business with the support of God in a mall or favorite business district, you will make a lot of money. You can also get a small slot machine in Lagos Island which will help you start your business.

   6. Recruitment agency

   Owning and finding skilled workers in Nigeria is also an interesting way to make money in Nigeria. Your recruiting firm can help companies, factories and agencies find the workers they need to start their businesses and get rich without stress.

   7. Give instructions

   Providing guidance to students, children or even adults who need help in a particular academic or other field is a good way to make money in Nigeria. This is a business idea that can help people and make money at the same time This is a great business idea for Nigerians.

   8. Theater

   Another great way to make money in Nigeria is to set up a games room in your home. People spend a lot of money playing video games on PlayStation 3 and 4, especially adventure games. A classmate of mine spends about 1,300 gods on God of War every day and calls the service before buying his own PS 3 game console. Hundreds of such people. You can build your own game house and earn money easily.

   9. Cleaning at home / in the office

   Cleanliness is an important characteristic of health and the environment. Those who are too busy with work usually hire people to clean offices, businesses or homes. This is easy work for anyone who wants to try it. What you need is small equipment such as mops, brooms, buckets and some leaflets to facilitate your service.

   10. Continue writing

   Resume writing and resume writing is another great way to make millions of dollars in Nigeria without stress. You will be surprised to learn how many Nigerians cannot write a simple summary.

   When you become an expert in resume writing, resume writing and small business planning, you will have the chance to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to provide them with detailed structures to achieve their goals. This business idea is also easy to start and profitable.

   11. Programming

   While this requires a lot of skills and a solid understanding of basic and complex languages, programming is still one of the most popular skills for getting rich wherever you are. Programming is a business idea and it makes a lot of money for Nigeria.

   12. Application development

   Coding and building apps is another great way to make money in Nigeria. The income potential of this company is enormous. If you decide to work for someone or an application company, you can still make a lot of money.

   You can also make money with Google AdMob, paid ads and affiliate links in the app. Since everyone is now wearing smart devices or tools, making millions in Nigeria is not a bad way. You can create a simple loan calculator and then sell financial advice to your clients. How fresh is it?

   13. Boarding

   Eating weddings, churches, birthdays, and other social gatherings is another great business idea that can make a lot of money for the holidays. Since this business idea is to work on weekends, it is a perfect side effect for Nigerians looking for a second company.

   14. Publishing books

   Publishing books is a great way to make money in Nigeria. Until now, books have been one of the most widely used means of mass communication. Book publishing can get you rich quickly in Nigeria. In addition, many types of books are available for writing, printing and publishing. This means that if you are a good writer, the income from this business will never dry up.

   15. Radio station

   Setting up a radio station is one of Nigeria's best financial investments, and it's not difficult. If you have your own FM station, you can make it one of the most popular FM stations in Nigeria. I promise to publish guidelines on setting up a radio station in Nigeria shortly.

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