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After 2 million was mistakenly sent to his account, See What He Did With It That Lands Him in Trouble

A 45-year-old driver in Ilorin, Kwara State has been imprisoned for two years for spending money accidentally sent to his bank account. 

Adetunji Tunde Oluwasegun received an alert of two million naira which was mistakenly sent to his account. Courtesy demands that he finds or know the source of the money before spending it. Unfortunately he didn't and he went ahead spending the money.

Sherifat Omolara Sanni who was the lady who mistakenly transferred the money to him had reported to the police. 

Luckily for the man was traced and arrested in Ilorin. But before he was caught and arrested, the man had already spent the money. 

To get the money, he was arraigned to court and the court had given him a two year jail term.

The court also said that he would be paying the lady her money before his two years jail term would be completed. The question is, how would he be able to pay the money while in jail?

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