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After Leaving Office Today Donald Trump Will Still Enjoy These 5 Privileges

Donald Trump will eventually leave the white House today, a lot of people are asking the question will Donald Trump still need the Privileges of a US Ex-President? 

Since he is currently a billionaire, obviously he we need the secret service because he is not an ordinary billionaire anymore but the former US President, the secret service can give him maximum security more than the average security.

Donald Trump is the 1st President in the US History to have been impeached twice, according to the former President acts known as (FPA) if a President impeachment is confirmed in both chambers he will not enjoy the full benefit, but only maximum secret service, luckily for Donald Trump he was only impeached by the House of Representatives and not the Senate.

1. Secret Service Security

The previous presidential act only guarantee 10 years secret service for ex president, Barack Obama signed a new bill increasing that time to forever, as long as the Ex President is still alive, Donald Trump will still be enjoying protection from the secret Office after he leaves Office.

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2. Pension Every Year

Donald Trump will still be enjoying pension every year, according to the current value of money he will be receiving $219,200 dollars every year, even thou the amount is less than Donald Trump worth, maybe he can donate it to charity.

3. Private Office space and Staffs

Donald Trump even as an ex president will be provided with a private Office space by the administrator of the general service commission of the United States of America (USA), he will be allocated a Budget of $150,000 dollars to fund his staffs during the 1st year, then afterwards he will be given a Budget every year of $96,000 dollars to fund his staffs.

4. Medical Insurance

Donald Trump can obviously treat himself in any of the best hospitals around the world, but since he is a former US president he can still enjoy this privilege, he is entitled to treatment in any military medical center across the country.

5. Transition After Leaving Office

This package is only available for 7 months during when leaving the presidency, things like Office space, communication services, printing and Staff compensation will be funded during that time.

A lot of people are clamouring for Donald Trump not to enjoy any tax payer money, since he his a billionaire that can afford all those things, but the law is the law no one can Change it except the incumbent President.

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