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After This Soldier Brought out a Machete to Attack a Nigerian International Footballer, See What Happened Next

It was just a few months ago, when Nigerian youth all over the country protested against police harassment, killings and brutality by the Nigerian police force unit known as Sars, that's has been going on for long. 

The youths demanded for the scrapping away of Sars, but it seems despite the protest they are still series of Brutalities by uniform men still going in the country.

According to video that has gone viral on Twitter and Instagram was seen a Nigerian International Footballer by name Chikelu Ofoedu who plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv confronting an army who slapped him.

As explained in the video, the army whose name is Nasiru took a 'one way' which is against traffic regulations but refuse to to admit to it as he slapped the Nigerian International footballer.

Chikelu Ofoedu refused to backdown as he prevented the army officer from driving off so that he could tell him why he slapped him, and the army officer instead came out from his car with a Machete to Attack the Nigerian footballer, Chikelu stood confidently and said "kill me, kill me, why would you slap me".

However other road safety officers came and intervened as they pleaded with the Nigerian footballer to allow the officer go, however Mr Chikelu agreed and said the abuse case must be taken to court.

Watch video here :

For me, Its unfortunate that things like this is still happening in Nigeria, the soldier violated traffic laws and he still slapped someone who was on the right lane. Even the UK prime Minister cannot drive against traffic, if it's in other countries the soldiers will be arrested and charged to court by traffic officers, buts its only in Nigeria that uniform feel they can intimidate Nigerians and they feel above the law.

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