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After Trump Relocated To His New Home In Florida, See What His Neighbours Did That Got Reactions

After Trump Relocated To His Private Estate In Mar-a-Lago, See What His Neighbours Did That Got Reactions

Watching the new video that is circulating all over the internet, it looks like Former American president neighbour doesn't like him around them. 

Trump's rich neighbours sent him a strong signal that shows that they do not like the idea of how he moved to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. 

After Trump left the white house, he decided to relocate to one of his beautiful mansion that is located in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach. Though, there is an assumption that Donald Trump seems to be the worst American president ever because some Americans believe that he does things in his terms, but it looks like his new neighbours in Florida are the first to surprise him because of what they did to him.

According to the video, trumps new neighbours in Florida paid two pilots who flew 2 choppers over his new house in Florida and these two choppers had a banner tied to them. 

This type of situation is wrong but It's expected because the affluent democrats living in Palm Beach told Trump not to chose the estate as a permanent residence after the white house. Here is one of the few reports below

This kind of circumstance is not right yet It is normal because the affluent people living in Palm Beach revealed to Trump not to pick the mansion as a perpetual home after the White House. Here is one of only a handful few reports underneath

In other news, Donald Trump overlooked the entirety of their threats and picked his Mar-a-Lago mansion as his new home. Trump's present home was a hotel previously and his rich neighbours were settling to $200,000 to join the golf club however after he moved into the domain a couple of days back, individuals have been pulling out because they would prefer not to have anything to do with Trump.

Trump's new neighbours seem not to welcome him and that is the reason why they allegedly paid two pilots to showcase those hurtful words in the sky.

See some of the reactions from Americans citizens

What is your take on this, do you think Trump's new environment would be conducive for him?

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