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All Bank Account Owners Should Take Note Of This New Announcement Made By EFCC

The Economic And Financial Crime Commission is a governmental body in Nigeria that fight against every kinds of embezzlement (little or big), money laundering, fraud and corruption that is threatening the economy of the country.

Recently, it has been circulating around the internet that the body of the Economic And Financial Crime Commission is recruiting job seekers to work for them and this has made the EFCC to voice out as they made new announcement.

EFCC has announced to Nigerians that they've not been making any job recruitment, I.e they are not recruiting any job seekers, therefore, people should beware of the links and fake employment letters making rounds on social media.

Source: Vanguard

EFCC spokesman made this known that EFCC aren't recruiting and unsuspecting job seekers should beware of links and forged employment letters.

As a matter of fact, the scammers who are circulating this links around are looking for people to victimize and steal away their money in an illegal way.

Therefore, all bank account owners should take note of the announcement and stay away from any link which looks like that of the EFCC so as not to steal away their money from their bank accounts through this.

It's known that this scammers will ask for things like Bank account number, card pin, BVN, email and password amidst many other things that can be used to victimize people.

No bank account owner should submit his or her account number on any link to avoid sad stories.

Please take note of this announcement so you won't fall victim of scam. Do not forget to share with your friends and family so that they will be aware of what is going round by scammers.

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