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Am Feeling Lonely in the Relationship, Should I break up with him?

Guys this lady needs an advice, let's advice her on what to do. Read her story below:

I am so sorry to disturb you with my problem but I really need an advice concerning a decision I just made

I met this guy 2016,but the relationship didn't last up to 3 months and we broke cos I was still healing from my previous relationship before I met, few weeks later we got back together but had to cut it off cos he told me he was still in love with his ex

I didn't really know how I was able to do that, cos I had already fallen so hard for him,I resorted to being his friend with benefits until I fell in love again with someone that I almost married but it didn't later work out

He knew about it ,we met a few times until I decided to cut him off totally, late last year he called me and told me he got a gal engaged,I congratulated him,it wasn't long this year again he called me and told me that he couldn't marry the gal cos his parents didn't give their consent

We got talking and he told me he would really want us to get back together,I accepted cos I was single meanwhile he didn't have a job and was kinda homeless due to the fact that he had a fall out with his boss of many years that gave him a house, I didn't really know wat happened between them but he said the man kicked him out of the house and told him that he was not trustworthy, meanwhile this man has been so good to him since I knew him,was surprised when he told me the man kicked him out...

Well we started dating,few days along the line he got a job and had to relocate to Abuja,since then everything changed,it has always been from one argument to another,he barely calls me,nor picks,when I complain he would say I nag too much,we broke up and come back several times, meanwhile whenever he is angry he wouldn't mind wat he says to me,I felt so alone while in a relationship with him,one time when he was in Asaba with me I saw a message a gal sent to him,though I wasn't going through his phone,i was watching movie with his phone when the text showed.

What's do you advise i do? Should I break up with him? 

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