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An Old Woman Told Me To Do Something, After Doing It I Haven't Lacked Money Since Then (Read My Story)

Most times, the smallest things we do matters alot, those things that you think that are nothing, actually means something huge to God. Let me tell you about how an encounter with an old lady, changed my life totally this year.

I remember last 2 years wasn't so great for me and my family, I was in school and was struggling. It was hard to eat, even to buy textbooks was hard, things were not easy. Even this year when January came, it became worse for me, I even thought about becoming a prostitute, to show you how hard things were for me.

Then came the Corona Virus, and Students were asked to go home, I wasn't happy about it, but i never knew it was a blessing in disguise. On my way home back to Abia State, when I came down from the bus, there was an old lady i met. She was selling Oranges, I bought a few and gave her money, she in turn gave me my change.

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On my way, I notice that the change she gave me was excess, one mind told me it's my luck that I should just spend the money. I couldn't agree to that, I had to trek back to her shade and give her back her change.

She was really surprised because only few people would do that, she prayed for me and blessed me despite not knowing me. She then told me something that changed my life this year, She told me about giving and sowing seeds.

She told me that when ever I have money, if it is 5000 Naira, I should give 1000 Naira to someone in need. That no matter the amount I have, I should always give either to beggars, or help donate to Prisoners or Orphanages. That I should do it without complaining, that I would definitely be surprised by the outcome.

I went home, when I got money I remembered what she said, there were no beggars in my area. There was a particular woman that lives close to me, she has kids and she is very poor. I used that Money and bought Pampers and a few clothes for her baby, it was the only money I had. I did it with faith, I did it with love in my heart and I prayed about it, without complaining.

It wasn't even up to a week, someone I knew called me that he needed an assistant for the mean Time. Since school wasn't in session, I grabbed that opportunity, the best part is that even if I am in school, I would still get paid. Since then, whenever I get paid, I locate beggars, or I buy things for poor people around me, that is my new life.

If I can see that lady again, I would definitely show her how greatful I am, juts one good deed I did for her has changed my life this year.

Don't give up on life no matter how hard things may be, we all go through hardships, but one day things would definitely change for you, like it did for me.

This is a Fictional Story!!! 

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