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Famous Singer Accepts Islam, Changes His Name to Islamic Name

Famous African music artist known as Geosteady has accepted Islam as his new religion. 

He was seen in the mosque surrounded by Muslim faithfuls, his fellow singer, Eddy Kenzo, and clerics who witnessed his conversion.

The Ugandan artist whose name is George William Kigozi changed his name to Hassan Kigozi after he embraced Islam earlier today after the Friday prayers. The name 'Hassan' means 'beauty, good and handsome'.

His conversion was reported by MBU social media news outlet in Uganda. It reported that his conversion was willingly and the singer was not under any duress.

The singer confirmed the news by tweeting, 'Alhamdulillah' which is an Islamic word meaning 'All thanks be to Allāh.'

He also shared pictures of himself dressed in red Arabian Thobe and a white skull cap to his 99,000 followers on Twitter with the caption, 'choice matters'.

Checkout pictures of the Artist:

Geosteady is an RnB Soul and Reggae music artist who has been making waves on the African music scene after he released his successful music single 'Ntunulira'. He is the owner of Blacman records and has featured several top artist in Africa.

I believe if someone wants to be successful in life, he or she needs guidance and faith which can only be achieved through following a particular religion.

Before you could achieved this you must take your time to research about a religion and see which one fits you more.

Congratulations to Geosteady, and we hope it is the best decision for him.

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