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Fiction! My Son Wants to Use Me for Blood Money What Do I Do?

Please if you are reading this post this hour i need your urgent advice. 

I have been living with my three children though things are not really working well for us. My elder son decides to move out from the house to search for a greener pasture. 

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Barely two months he left the house, this Christmas that just ended he came back with lots of money sharing up and down. 

I started suspecting him so I asked him the source he said he is into Oil and Gas black market business. 

I don't really know much about that all i know is that black markets are those that sells petrol on the road side after fuel stations are closed or they stay very far from were fuel stations are located. 

Some days back i over heard him on Phone saying that is not yet back to were he is staying because he is yet to get me as a sacrificial lamb. 

He told the caller or whosoever is calling him that he is trying to weaken my spirits but is not working. 

He added that i have refused to use the gift he brought to me since Christmas which is meant to weaken my spirit. 

I nearly fainted... I haven't told anyone else about this. Please advice me should I tell my kinsmen about this so that if i eventually dies they will hold him responsible? 

Please your advice is highly needed.

Please don't take this too serious because it's a fiction though such things are steady happening in our societies today. 

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