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Finally! Identity of the lady who died while having S3x has been revealed

The teenager was said to have lost her life while having an affair with a married man in a hotel room in yobe state.

The incidence happened when the man demanded the company of a lady to sleep with for the night during his visit to Damaturu, yobe state capital. The victim was said to be the lady taken to keep him company.

The man proclaimed that her death was unconnected to the affair they had, rather to the intake of drugs. As foam was seen coming out of her mouth as she lay lifeless.

Police have confirmed the occurrence of the incidence and were investigating the cause of her death.

Promiscuity has been on the rise nowadays. People engage in promiscous act without paying respect to the bond of marriage tied to them. Similar incidence have occurred times without number and yet people refuse to pay heed to it.

This should serve as a warning to ladies especially Young ones on the dangers of having affairs.

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