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God is Great! See What Happened to Holy Communion after A Man of God Car Was Burnt by Fire

Different things can happen in a particular place to show the power of God. Many people doubt the existence and of God and Miracles, people find it hard to believe that miracles happen.

In this story, the holy communion was not burnt down even though the car that carried it was totally burnt, this miracle has increased many people's faith particularly the catholic faithful.

The story happened in Brazil, according to reports, the Catholic priest was rushing out for a sick call, this was usually done by catholic priests. 

During the sick call, the priest prays and anoints the sick and administers the holy communion to him or her in case the person passes out. An unidentified Reverend father was going for a "Sick call", on his way, the car got burnt.

See The story below from the social media page that shared the miraculous news.

Miraculously, The holy communion inside the car was covered with a prayer book and white cloth and it was not affected even after the car was destroyed by fire, the cloth was still sparkling white just the way the priest left it on the chair.

What a miracle.

What do you think?

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