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Good news: Days after FG opened borders, look at current price of cement.

lt is always good news for Nigerians when ever there is any improvement in the Nation's economy, because they have suffered untold hardship for too long, and are in eager to see change.

Over three months now many builders and industries, construction companies, even Governments have suspended works in the sites owing to the rise in the price of building raw material called cement.

In Nigeria cement price sometimes work as petrol pump price which will always affect the price of other commodities when ever it's increased for any reason.

The increase in the price of cement have made many people regret their identity as Nigerians, because they feel that it's hard to survive in this country, than any other place.

For example if you are to buy 10 bags of cement when it was 4200, it's 42,000, but you have to buy it 25000, when it was sold at 2,500, mathematically you have lost 17000 to 10 bags, lf this is further increased to 100 bags you have lost 170,000, this amount would have likely help you in getting other building materials and your work will keep going. The Government has been making some statements concerning this that the price will change, but It continues going up and down,

The good news today is that according to checks it's now sold at 2500, and 3000 in some areas like Aba , it's a welcome developement, we are hoping that this will continue until it comes back to the original price, of 2200 and less before it went out of hand.

During the Christmas time the Government opened the closed land borders, this may have affected commodities prices including the building chemical, as of today things have started changing for better for Nigerians.

It's now left for the government to check the implications of closing the land borders whether it have helped or destroyed our economy and relationship with our close allies countries. Nobody can help us except the Government any Government bad policies will always affect the masses, the economy and Government itself, because it's Government of the day that bears the consequences of any good and bad effects on its citizens and must be held responsible.

The good news today is that cement is coming down gradually, as it's likely to get down from 2500, 3000 currently to 2200 or less, so that everyone and every job that have been on hold will continue for the progress of the country Nigeria.

Prices may differ from place to place state to state depending on the supply price and cost of delivery, but the bottom line statement is that it has drastically gone down, and it will affect every state and cities.

Nigeria closed it's borders against it's neighbors immediately after it signed the African Continental free trade agreement (AFCTA) since August 2019, president Buhari ordered the closure of all borders to prevent smuggling of rice to ensure food self sufficiency.

It's hard to believe whether the border closure has solved the problems it was meant for, it's true that Nigerias local rice production is in increase, but the prices have not gone down to reflect the desired goals it was originally made for. Before the closure of borders the locally made rice are sold at 9,000, 10000, but today even though the products have increased but the prices are at 17,000 and 21000.

What maybe the reason for the hiking in price is not clear to many, while it's supposed to have gone below it's former original price since the products and productions have increased it's no longer monopolized. Some experts are of the opinion that because of the banning of foreign rice which has made foreign rice price gone up to 27,000 as the case maybe, the local manufacturers have used it an opportunity to increase it's locally made rice to the detriment of Nigerians and against Governments policy of food sufficiency with affordable price.

The price of cement was also the major commodity that this has affected till date.

This has brought about the price increase in food and other commodities. But the last wave of total closure of both land, Sea and air borders was as a result of the strategic approach to curb the increase wide spread of covid19 virus, which had put the world on its toes close to one year now.

What's your take on this article, do you think that the opening of the borders are yielding friuts or are you expecting more.

Cement is a raw material that you can't do without as far as buildings and constructions works are concern and must be made available and at cheap and affordable prices.

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