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History: 15th Of January Will Never Be Forgotten In Nigeria, Read Two Things That Happened On This Day

Alot of things have happened in Nigeria since the country got her independence on the 1st of October 1960.

Alot of you might not know this, but the 15th of January is a memorable day in Nigeria, alot of strange things have happened on this, and it'll forever be in Nigeria's history.

Two Things that happened on this day

1. 15th January 1966

On this same day many years ago, Nigeria had it's first Coup which lead to the deaths of Nigeria's first prime minister identified as Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Sir Amadu Bello, Chief S.L Akintola, Chief S.F Okotie-Eboh, and many others who were occupying top government offices, it was really a sad day. This further led to the death of thousands of people six months after the coup on the 15th of January, in the same year. The Nigeria/Biafra war broke out a year after this coup.

2. 15th January 1970

On this same day many years ago, the Nigeria/Biafra war officially ended after Major General Philip Effiong signed an official "Surrender papers", and declared that the republic of Biafra would no longer exist, this declaration was made at Dodan Barracks in Lagos.

The war was really a bloody one where over one million people reportedly lost their lives. Truth be told, Nigeria is still recovering from the damages incurred during the war.

I pray the souls of everyone who lost their lives on this day many years ago find rest.

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