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I Am 17 Years Old But People Think I Am Above 20 Years Old - Lady Cries Out

It is a well-known fact that age is just a number and it does not necessarily determine if you are wise or if you would be tall, short, fat, or slim. 
Most times the way you look might be entirely different from how old you are because people are different and the body structure of every individual is different. 

That's why some people might be the same age but with one person looking older than the other.

That is the case of a lady identified on Facebook as Irreplaceable Amy, she came out on Facebook to complain that she is seventeen but a lot of people think she is above twenty years.

See Facebook post below;

I believe this is as a result of her body structure, because she is well packaged like a fully matured woman with all the right curves in the right places.

See more of her photos below to further show you that she really looks older than her age below;

This is the way a few people responded; 

I can't believe what am seeing, after viewing her profile, I have understood that she is actually saying the truth.

This young lady can't be serious with the way she is packaged?This is how someone will be following you not realizing it is child abuse.

Looking at her photos does she look above 17 to you? Leave comments in comment box below.

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