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I Once Visited This Guy, We Gisted, He Offered Me Cornflakes, Then Something Happened (Read)

There are lots of things people but only few take note of them. While some people called it strange, it's just a normal thing to others.

A twitter lady has narrated what happened after she visited a guy. She explained how she visited him and how the unexpected happened.

According to her, she said that there was a time she visited a guy and they both talked and gisted, and laughed together. Then the guy offered her cornflakes which she collected gladly and drank.

After she finished drinking the cornflakes, that was when the unexpected happened. The lady poured water in the plate she used and she drank it. You know, someone who sees nothing wrong in doing this will just see it like a normal thing. Unlike she expected, it wasn't a normal thing for the guy which made him to react as the lady said the look on his face said it all. After this, the guy told her to go home with the plate which made her not to say a word till she left his house. In her words, she wrote:

"I once visited this guy, we gisted, laughed & then he offered me cornflakes, as I drink am finish I poured water inside d plate, stirred & drank it, omor, d look on his face eh, he now told me that I can go with the plate. Till I left his house with d plate I never said a word😭"

After she made the tweet, lots of people took to her comments section to give their view and their similar experiences on what she narrated. See some comments below.

What can you say to this? Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation? Share your experience with us. Kindly drop your comments below.

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