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I Refuse to Take Responsibility - Trump Finally Made a Public Speech after Last Week Clash

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called the House's push to impeach him again 'absolutely ridiculous' and said it is causing 'tremendous anger,' casting himself as the victim as he refused to take responsibility for the mob that descended on Capitol Hill last week.

In his first public remarks since last week's MAGA riot, Trump denounced the Democrats' efforts, which has been joined by some Republicans, to remove him from office.

He called it 'a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics.' 'I think it's causing tremendous anger,' he said. He was boarding Marine One to head for Alamo, Texas, on the Mexican border, to inspect his wall - an attempt to paint himself as doing business as usual and highlighting his 'legacy' before he leaves office.

But later on Tuesday, the House will vote on legislation calling on Vice President Mike Pence to start the process to remove Trump via the 25th amendment. Pence is not expected to do so.

The House is expected to vote Wednesday on beginning another round of impeachment charges against Trump - this time for inciting the violence on Capitol Hill that left five dead and a wave of destruction in the building.

Democrats have called on Trump to resign as have some Republicans including, Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

President Trump did not respond when asked if he would resign and said: 'I want no violence.'

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