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If Your Husband Wakes You Up In The Midnight For These 2 Important Things, Please Don't Deny Him

Most times women find it difficult to respect their husbands. Some of them fail to admit their mistakes and prefer to deny their partners some certain things. If your husband wakes up in the midnight for these things, please do not deny him.

1. There are cases where by your husband might have Bad dream in the night. He will wake up and want to pray with you. Please listen and obey him. It could be a case of spiritual attack on his life. If he wakes you up, Make sure you prayer with him. Do not deny him because you are feeling sleepy.

2. The best time to settle a misunderstanding or dispute is during bed time. Most women find it difficult to forgive and let go. If your husband wakes you up in the night to settle a quarrel, please do not deny him. Make sure you wake up and give him listening ear.

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