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Let's Pray For Him: Meet The Nigerian Man That Will Be Executed With His Chinese Girlfriend (Details)

Making money is somehow hard in this country, and that's why some people travel out of the country to work in another country. The eager to money usually push some people to do works that are morally wrong. Some people go to abroad to do legit work while some go there to do illegal works such as drug trafficking, human trafficking etc. And thing illegal works are condemned by the law, and law doesn't recognize anybody. If you do anything that go against the law, you will be punished for it either you go to prison or you are executed.

Some people that do illegal works in the abroad risk their life to do it. Because if they are caught, they may be put in jail or executed. This is in the law of every country.

Some people have now been caught by the Chinese Police which also included one Nigerian man with his Chinese girlfriend. But if he had stay in Nigeria, he may have make it. But they want to make money in a fast way where they do illegal works such as trafficking drugs or human being. But they didn't think that every day is for the thief while one day is for the owner.

This young Nigerian man on the Chinese death row named Osonwa Okey Noberts was arrested in 2016 at the age of 37 after he was caught of drug trafficking and that made him receive a death penalty in China. Osonwa was caught with his girlfriend, Zhang Dongxiang, who also received a death penalty for assisting Osonwa in his drug trading.

Following the reports, Osonwa usually take drugs from suppliers and sold them to buyers in China. But was finally arrested by the Chinese Police after he was caught trading drugs to Chinese drug dealers.


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