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Make Your First Million In Nigeria With These 5 Everyday Commodities

This strategy am about to show you is what most billionaire like Dangote implement in carrying out their business around the world. 

They try to identify what people need and sell to them at a cheaper price. Take for instance people are can't do without sugar, salt, cement and the likes because they are used every blessed day. 

You are not likely to go out of business if you can identify what people really need. The below products have been choosen critically for you as they are in high demand.

Without wasting much of our time let dive in to check them out immediately...

1. Liquid Soap Detergents

We all know how highly the demand for bathing and washing soaps are in the market. Whether liquid or solid they are all never going to run out of customers. So if you are still thinking of what to venture into I would gladly advise you consider soap production.

2. Power Bank

Not many people knows about the viability of this business. It is no news that the epileptic power supply ravaging the country calls for a new source of energy. And in this case people are now taking to power banks and solar panels to charge their phones and power their company. You may not be able to produce power banks but you can order them from online stores such as 1688, AliExpress and the likes.

3. Hair Extension

Hair extension is another viable business that is never likely to go out of trend. Everyday there is a single lady out there waiting to put up synthetic extension to maximize her beauty. And most of this artificial hairs are very expensive with price ranging from 10k to 100k for a single weavon. So if you are a lady reading this, you can try out this business. 

3. Shoes and clothes

Right now you are putting on clothes or even though you are not; you wouldn't be walking the street naked right? The demand for foreign clothes and shoes by Nigerians is so high that they no longer patronize locally made wears. As a new business man or woman trying to venture into this business, I would gladly advise you import or make your clothing business unique to maximize the opportunities available in this industry.

4. Make ups and Cosmetics

This is another growing industry with the potential of reaching 50 billion dollars in the coming years. Most ladies can't do without putting up make ups on their face. And to others it is a norm and tradition to wear make ups whether they are going out or not. This create a new opportunity for those seeking to try out the cosmetic industry.

5. Computers and phone accessories

The demand for phones, laptops and tech gadgets is on the rise; most especially among Nigerian youths. Items such as memory cards, flash drive, phone accessories such as charger, ear piece etc are in high demand. You are never going to run out of customers as most Nigerians are either changing their phone, laptop or buying new gadgets to enhance their life.

Finally, there you have the 5 most highly demanded products in Nigeria. I would you make your own research to understand your choosen industry better. 

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Oya tell me thanks..

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