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Onye Eze Jesus, We Will Deal With You - Anambra State Govt. Reacts as Priest Took Youths to River to Perform Sacrifices for Them to Become Rich

The Anambra state government reacts over a man  known as Onye Eze Jesus calling himself a priest, who took the youths to bathe and perform sacrifices in water for them to become rich.

Anambra State Information Commissioner Don Adinuba said the government had started investigating all the complaints lodged against the gentleman to punish him wherever he violated the law.

Adinuba lamented how the pastor's actions have brought Anambra State into disrepute around the world and how it has misled the youth.

He said: "Onye Eze Jesus Jesus promotes hatred and unrest in the community, by telling his followers that it is their families who are the cause of their poverty."

"Such things can lead to jealousy, anger, enmity, hatred, strife, injury and death."

Adinuba also criticized Onyeze Jesus for spreading Nigerian currency in the water while performing sacrifices, saying the devaluation of the naira is against the rules of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He went on to say that forcing people to bathe in the shower and pose for pictures was against Nigerian law and that the priest would be punished if he is found guilty after investigations. 

"Anambra people are known for their hard work, education, hard work and honesty. They are not gamblers, they are not know for fast money," Adinuba says.

"The government will not allow anyone to embarrass Anambra state and further violate our laws."

"We have started to look into this matter and we will take action soon."

But Rev. Onyeze Jesus also released a video in which he apologized to the government and the public for the allegations.

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