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Opinion: School resumption should be suspended till further notice

School resumption should be suspended till further notice because there is a rise in the number of covid 19 cases in the country, and there have been no measures put in place yet to truely prevent the spread of this virus. 

There is a higher risk of students easily contacting the virus if preventive measures are not put in place to avoid overcrowding in school environments, as this is even the major place the social distancing rules will be flaunted as students who have been apart will want to be together and even in classrooms.

Institutions of learning may not really have the required equipments to provide for the students in other for them to fully adhere to the government rules of putting on face mask, among others as the will be too many students on ground to have enough for all. The basics should be to protect the lives of these students first and this cannot be done if there are left to resume without putting every adequate measure to make sure there are adequately protected against being exposed to this deadly virus.

What do you think about the resumption Share your views concerning the topic and don't forget to like and comment and do follow us for more articles God bless.

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