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Orlu Crisis: How the Crisis in Orlu, Imo State Started

Kingsparo Blog reports that An unnamed source told BBC that it had been two weeks since he had started seeing armed men in a car trying to shoot as they passed by.

He said these people usually wore police uniforms and colored hats.

They can be a Sienna car, hilux or jeep.

He said these people are not harassing the citizens but are attacking any security officer they see.

He added that the gun was fired today and that he was shot in the arm.

He said no one knew who they were.

He said that a few days ago, soldiers went to the town of Yantanze where these people were coming from, arrested and killed some of their young men.

But he said that the soldiers had not been captured.

He explained that some people were shot dead by the militants as soldiers claimed that one of their members was killed in the town.

Witnesses said people in Umutanze had fled. But it is also a source of confusion that they have moved on to other cities.

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