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Photos Of Mrs Felicia Mbaka, Reverend Mbaka's Biological Mother

Notwithstanding, Father Mbaka is one of the most popular Catholic Priests in Nigeria who is noted for his accurate prophecies. We all know this is true despite the fact that some people still don’t like his personality.

Well that’s the dynamics of life, isn’t it?

Father Mbaka is also well known for performing miracles and healings, with many testimonies springing forth from his members on a daily basis.

It could be recalled that he was the only cleric in Nigeria who prophesied that former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan will lose his reelection bid.

Obviously, the moment Jonathan lost the election to the current President, Muhammadu Buhari, was the turning point in his ministry which equally led to his fame.

Father Mbaka is one man respected a lot throughout Nigeria. He is the only son of Late Chief Humphrey Mbaka and Mrs Felicia Mbaka.

Mrs Felicia Mbaka and Her son
It should also be noted that his parents are Catholics, which paved way for him to be what he is now.

In this article, we will be revealing to you his mother who is by the name, Mrs Felicia Mbaka.

The woman you are about to see supported Father Mbaka in his pursuit to become a Reverend priest in the Roman Catholic.

Father Mbaka’ s mother is worth commending, for bringing up her only son to follow Christ which is worth emulating.

It could also be recalled that during one of the Mothers’ day celebration in Nigeria, Father Mbaka called out his mother from the large crowd at the church and honoured her as many stood in awe.

It also happened during Father Mbaka’ s anniversary. His mother showed up and presented him with a gift.

That was how she was caught on camera for us to see and know the mother of this great cleric in Nigeria.

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