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Real Men: Make Your Cassava Extra Big And Stronger Using This Combination

Having extra big, large or stronger cassava and is a thing of joy to some men while some prefer it as normal as it is, majority of men want a bigger and standard cassava because there is a saying that says bigger casava better satisfaction. 

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Some men do go for some substance to keep it big and strong, spending huge amounts of money to achieve that forgetting the fact that there are natural ways to keep it bigger and stronger. 

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How ever in other to achieve desired goal, Make Your Cassava Extra Big And Stronger Using This Combination

  1. Get olive oil and shear butter mix, do not take it, all you need to do is to rob it on your casava for 8 weeks 
  2. Get monkey fruit (fruit from baobab tree), boil it and use the water to rub too 
  3. Get a bottle of water, and few kolanut bulb to your satisfaction
Break all the kola nut into the water. 

Soak it for good 3days in other to release its Phytochemicals into the water. 

After 3days take morning and night or evening for good 3days and see wonders.

Drop your comments, i will be waiting to answer your questions in the comment section. 

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