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Remember The Most Beautiful Nigerian Dwarf, Fatima Timbo? See Her Recent Photos

Fatima Timbo who was born in 1997 is currently 23-year-old. Fatima was born with dwarfism as She is just 4ft tall. 

According to her during some interviews stated that She was widely bullied by some of her mates while growing up because of her condition. 

She made it known that she had to go through pain and regret until 2017 when she made a u-turn and said to herself that she would never allow anybody look down on her or bully her again all because of her condition.

She accepted her condition, and always comforted herself with the saying which says "there is always an ability in every disability", this was what encouraged her to strive to make her life meaningful.

She took the challenge to be the best after gaining admission to Middlesex University and due to her hardwork she came out with a first-class degree certificate in 2019.

She has also made a name for herself due to how good she is in the modelling industry as she can be seen to have followers and fans all over the globe, this has made her to model for big companies and make money for herself. She is currently one of the biggest and successful models.

Below are some pictures of Fatima Timbo

what can you say about this hardworking lady? 

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