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Sad! This Rich Igbo Man Was Reportedly Resurrected Have Been Confirmed Dead

Social media pages on Facebook and Twitter were trolled by its users about the news of the resurrection of an Imo State born rich and generous man, the High Chief Ifeanyichukwu Ekeokwu, popularly known as Anyiego, who died on January 15th. 

He is said to have resurrected yesterday and his resurrection was celebrated by the people of Amiri village in Eru-East Local Government Area of Imo State. See reactions below:

He was said to have resurrected after being certified dead and spending 24 hours in the mortuary. According to reports, Anyiego died on Friday, January 15, and woke up on Saturday, January 16, 2021. This report was circulated by many bloggers on social media.

However, a cousin of the late Anyiego who is privy to information about him and whose mother is the brother to the late Philanthropist, who goes by the name of 'Chinabliss Mercy' has taken to his Facebook page to debunk the rumor of his resurrection, he said with the hashtag #Stopspreadingfakenews:

'Please allow my mum's only brother to rest in peace. We had faith believing he will come back to life because his body was still warm and hasn't changed. We prayed and prayed from dusk till dawn, no sleeping! Yet God knows best. He is dead and gone forever! He never came back to life even after everything........ '

It is so sad to see the death of such a philanthropist that has helped his community and the whole of Imo State. He has provided help to many people, sponsored many students to school, pay several peoples hospital bills, established businesses for people in Nigeria and in South Africa. That is why it was hard to believe he is dead after just few weeks he buried his father in Amiri. See his pictures below:

May his soul rest in peace.

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