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School Resumption Date: Federal Ministry Of Education Will Notify Nigerians If There's Change - PTF

School Resumption Date: Federal Ministry Of Education Will Notify Nigerians If There's Change- PTF

January 18, date stated for school Resumption in the country will only change if Federal Ministry Of Education gives a new date after ongoing consultation.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) National Co-ordinate, Dr Sani Aliyu gave this clarification in an exclusive interview with NTA.

Mixed Reactions On Twitter

Why are the ministry playing with our emotions. What is there to review till you give late directives right after we have halted our daily lives activities to resume in school.

Can you not review this whole matter once and for all thus we can be positive all way forward.

I was set to travel back to school today until I went all up through the news page only to find out the date is now under review , now again it's coming to be 'school resume 18th except ' except what ??? What is the delay on making the final decision on that part

God pls how did I end up becoming a NigerianSleepy faceSleepy faceSleepy face.....count ur blessings and name Dem one by one

No be 4 Nigeria...Dix country no follow

The Phantom [email protected]

School resumption??? These people are crazy!

We're tired of having fun,Mr. Minister

You people should just tell us now

If we're not going to resume this year again

You've done well

Michael [email protected]_excess

Let them go and sit down, after all, all they wanted was money

aladejebi ayomikun diamond

you don't need to tell us that

we know your plans...till 2025

Schools are where you have strict adherence to rules and regulations - compare to markets, airports and other public places, yet our Government is thinking of shifting resumption date. May God help and bless Nigeria and Nigerians

News Corner [email protected]

The Federal Government is currently reviewing the January 18th resumption date for schools across the country, following the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, Education Minister, Mallam Adamu Adamu, stated this today at the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 briefing in Abuja.

PalermoLion [email protected]

Pls review whatever u are reviewing fast,I don't a situation where schools will open and after paying school fees,u come and shut down

Ha which one we de ooo, everyone is confuse which kind country I come see myself ooo

These people will just be joking with Nigerians..

Don't disturb me again!!!

Thank God we're resuming

Ayam confused...Face with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing

Which kain thing be dis..

Thank you lord Jesus

SABITU TAOFEEQ [email protected]

Thank God


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