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Security Chiefs: I am Disappointed in Buhari For Appointing Largely Northern Muslim Males - Reno Omokri

Just few hours ago, President Muhammadu Buhari sacked the 4 overstayed security Chiefs and appointed new ones. The new appointments which reflect the sense of belongings among the 3 major Nigerian tribes in the country is now being seen again as more of Buhari's religion to his critics!

Photo: Major General, Leo Irabor, one of the newly appointed security chief

After commending General Buhari for listening to voices of reason and sacking his clueless and nepotistic service chiefs whom he he described as goodriddance to bad rubbish, Reno Omokri said it is still disappointing that he maintained his practice of appointing largely Northern Muslim males, but however half bread is better than none.

Some people in my country too like bad news that even good news is bad news to them! Aren't we tired of the same old destructive critisms? lets give peace a chance to rain, let us hope for a better Nigeria. Stop cursing Nigeria.

New service chiefs, new strategies. For all our sake, we hope things could be better soon. May God bless Nigeria my country. I don't care where they came from, what we want is results. May God them the wisdom and strength to secure our country in this trying time.

To me, this appointment is balanced based on north-south arrangements or religion(I hate to do this). However, you may hold him for taking so long before sacking the service chiefs? He created the impression that anyone can stay in office even when situations demand their removal.

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