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See What Buhari Told Miyetti Allah About The Order Given To Fulani Herdsmen By Akeredolu

It's no longer news that "Miyetti Allah" have told the "Governor Akeredolu" that he has no right to order the "Fulani herdsmen" to leave "Ondo state".

However, the issue between the "Fulani herdsmen" and the people of "Ondo state" have made "president Buhari" to react. So, see what Buhari told "Miyetti Allah" about the order given to "Fulani herdsmen" by "Akeredolu".

"President Muhammadu Buhari" told "Miyetti Allah" to have a meeting with governors from Southwest. However, the meeting have been scheduled to hold on the 25th of January 2021 and many people believe that the meeting will restore peace in "Ondo state".

Nevertheless, a lot of Nigerians have reacted to what "Buhari" told "Miyetti Allah" and some of them believe that the meeting will bring peace among the "Herdsmen" and the people of "ondo state".

So, do you think "Miyetti Allah" and the "Southwest Governors" should have a meeting?.

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