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See What Igbo Youths did to a Cow that killed a pregnant Woman in Aba.

A video has been released on social media showing how a Cow Belonging to the Fulani Herdsmen was killed by youths in Abia State.

According to Multiple reports, a stray cow belonging to Fulani Herdsmen Killed a Pregnant Woman in Aba area of Abia State.

In the Video recorded by an eye witness, a lot of people could be seen Making attempts to capture the stray cow which was standing at a distance.

Things like rope, Sticks and other weapons were on display as the angry men could be seen waiting to give the cow a taste of its own Medicine.

The men succeeded in Capturing the cow through collective effort and without wasting much time, the Scary Gigantic Creature was brought down.

The angry men threw heavy stones at the cow, Hit the cow with sticks and cutlass until it died.

After killing the cow, the men proceeded to lifting it into a truck.

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