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See What Some People Who Fry Plantain Chips Add To Make It Crunchy And It's Unhealthy

The issue of food in Nigeria is one thing that is not talked about often as there are a lot of canteens, food places and more al around the country. However, the bone of contention is the if all these places are fit to make consumables.

If you see the state some of the low end places where the things we eat in Nigeria are in, you might not want to eat anything that is not certified or sealed. This is why there is NAFDAC, to approve of the things we eat after thorough inspection, but we tend to ignore and consume things not approved by the corporation a lot of times.

This is doing its damage though, according to the revelation made by a lady named Jane Commey today on Facebook, according to her findings, she saw a woman frying Plantain chips melt nylon into the oil she'll use to fry to harden the chips and make it strong for days. See her full narration below;

Do you think there a lot of people who use this same bad procedure? Have you ever seen this done before? Drop your opinions in the comments section below. 

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