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Some Nigerians To Receive 5k Cash Transfer From The Government, Have You Gotten Yours?

Arrangements have been set in place for cash transfer of 5k to be made to some Nigerians to help them cope with the devastating effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

In the report which was made by The Cable on January 19th, the initiative was flagged off by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Abuja on Tuesday at the virtual flag-off of Rapid Response Register (RRR). According to the report, the selected people will enjoy the benefit for six months.

So who are the people eligible to benefit from the scheme? And how many people will be covered in the program?

According to the report, the people under target are low wage earners, self-employed, and poor people living in urban areas.

The selection was done by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. To ensure transparency and fair play during the selection process, the ministry used cutting-edge technology to select the beneficiaries. It was stated that a total number of 100,000 people will benefit from the pilot scheme, and they were captured in Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). So for those who are not residents of Lagos and Abuja, then the pilot scheme is not for them.

When the scheme was first launched, 300,000 poor and vulnerable persons had earlier been selected under the National Social Register (NSR), so this set of 100,000 persons are those who were not captured then. So they will now enjoy a similar benefit under the RRR scheme.

Speaking during the flag-off of the program, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said that the scheme was born out of the need to identify vulnerable persons who were not captured in the National Social Register, and register them for the cash transfer so that government could support them during this Covid19 pandemic.

He said that the selection was made by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and National Social Safety-Nets Programme (NASSP).

He added that the RRR scheme is targeted at some poor people living in urban areas. He said that the method used in the selection process was scientifically proven methods of satellite remote sensing technology, machine learning algorithm and big data analysis.

This technology is actually the first of its kind in Nigeria. Osinbajo said that this method of targeting is the first strategy to be developed and tested in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Nigeria is the first country to make use of it.

He said that with this RRR scheme, it is clear that the technology is impressively effective, and because of that, the government has now been encouraged to create a social security programme for a minimum of twenty million Nigerians in the next two years. 

That's indeed great news coming from the present administration, because it means at least twenty million people will benefit from intervention funds from the government in the next two years.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Farouq, before now had said that there are low-income earners living in urban areas who need financial interventions from the government, and there is a need for the government to identify such people and provide succour for them.

Sadiya Farouq:

She recounted what she has achieved with the National Social Safety-Nets Programme (NASSP) when she assumed office in 2019. 

She added that what happened during the Covid-19 pandemic opened their eyes to a lot of things. She said that because of the Covid-19 precautionary measures that were set in place, they were unable to immediately get to the poor and low-income earners living in the urban areas.

She added that early in the pandemic, they realized that there is a need to immediately respond to the problem, not just for the sake of the pandemic.

She also said that apart from the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a need for the government to create rapid response programmes for other issues like banditry, natural disasters, insurgencies, food crisis, communal crisis, climatic problems, etc.

The Cable reports that funds for the RRR scheme will be provided by the federal government and the World Bank.

This is indeed a great move from the government. It shows that the government is sensitive to the plight of the masses. With a cash transfer of 5k for the next six months, this will certainly go a long way to help those who have been badly hit by this Covid-19 pandemic.

As all of us already know, the Covid-19 had come with heavy blows to many people. Many lost their jobs and some also lost their businesses. The government understands the economic strains that came with the pandemic, hence their decision to come up with initiatives to ameliorate the plight of the masses.

This RRR scheme is indeed good news, and we commend the government for it.

Have you gotten yours? 

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