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Strange! 35 Years Old Woman Divorced Her Husband, Got Married To His Son.

This story is strange but true, because there are many things going on in this world, that we sometimes can not even explain.We wonder how they really happened, because it is rare for that event to come into place.This is the story of a woman who gave birth to a child for her step son, after divorcing his father.

It all started some years back, when a woman named Marina Balmasheva got married to Alexey, and helped to raise his son, who was seven years old then.If the man had known that she would later get married to her son, maybe he would not have gotten married to her.

Their relationship began after the woman, who is thirty five years old, fell in love with the young man, who is just twenty one years old, after he came back from university.She later divorced his father, got married to him and now has given birth to a daughter for her step son.See pictures of the woman with their baby.

It is very obvious that the new couple are enjoying their marriage, as their pictures on the internet says it all.They look happy with the decision that they made.See some of their pictures on the internet.

Mr Alexy, her ex-husband said that she was the one that made her son to marry her, because she cheated on him by luring him, after he came back from the university.He said that sometimes when he is sleeping, she would go to his son's room and come back as if nothing happened.

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