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This Lady Was Born With Beards Like A Man, See How She Looks After Shaving

Having facial hair is mostly related to Men, it is rare to find Women with hairs on their faces apart from their eye brows. Well these days we have seen alot of beautiful Women, some have beards and they are happy with it.

Sometimes this is normally caused by some kind of illness, that would make hairs grow in unusual places on the ladies body. There are alot of popular Women with facial hair, let's take a look at one of them.

This lady who is known as Rose Geil, is a special kind of Woman with facial hairs, she has a full grown beard. Rose is 43 years old, she comes from Oregon, and she is quite happy with her look now.

She has lived with these hairs since when she was 13 years old, nobody knew about her hairs because she shaved it everyday. Even her parents and her friends never found out her secret, but now she is happy how she looks.

See how she looks after shaving her beard;

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