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This Muslim Man Breaks Record In The North, Read What He Did That is Not Islamic (Photos)

Exchanging rings for weddings is not the tradition or customs of Northern Nigeria or Muslims. However, a wedding ring is a sign of love in many customs in the world.

Muslims did not find it interesting when getting married to exchange rings as it contradicts their customs. It is tough and rare to get couples exchanging rings on their wedding day.

This traditional belief is the reason why this couple caused severe reactions to social media. The beautiful photos of this couple went viral on social media.

The photos showed a husband exchanging a wedding ring with his wife. A lot of people are complaining that this habit is non-Islamic, and they crossed the border. While I am writing this piece, the names of the couple remain unknown and hidden.

But, one of the close friends of the groom revealed that the couple have already wedded some days ago. The husband wanted to go abroad with his wife; however, he was set to bring a marriage certificate. So they went to the federal ministry of marriage in Kano State and exchanged ring.

See the husband and wife taking an oath at federal ministry in Kano State.

Many people have reacted to this record, and some said it is not in Islam to exchange rings on the wedding day, while some say the marriage is not valid.

What would you say about this record? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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