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This Yoruba Man Is About To Be Executed In Saudi Arabia, Checkout The Crime He Committed

The best option to save oneself from all the problems faced by a common Nigerian is to migrate to a better and safer country, a country in which the system of government is favorable by all, a country in which the leaders are always responsible for the safety of all the citizens. But for those who successfully migrated, some of them have been involved in a crime.

Sulaimon Olufemi, a Yoruba Muslim Nigerian who traveled to Saudi Arabia when he was at a younger age in the quest for a better life and also to earn money for himself and his family was said to have been involved in a crime that the Saudi's don't take it lightly if committed.

In 2002, Sulaimon and 12 others were involved in the killing of a Saudi Arabian police officer. He was sentenced to death and has been on death row for over 18 years now. Other 12 individuals were sentenced to prison terms and corporal punishments.

Saudi Arabian way of punishing a killer is just the same way it happened during the olden days, the major religion practiced over there is Islam and Islam orders them in the holy Quran to kill whosoever involves in killing a soul intentionally.

Does that mean that Sulaiman would be killed for the offense he committed? Maybe.

The only way he could be saved from getting beheaded in Saudi Arabia is if the family members of the deceased agree to forgive him, he would be free.

Although the family of Sulaiman has pleaded to the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission known as NIDCOM to come to their son's rescue so he would not be executed by the government of Saudi, the commission promised to do their best to ascertain his rescue.

In his dad's words, he said "Sulaiman is a child of peace and gentle spirit, and he Is appealing to the government of Saudi Arabia to spare their son's life".

Readers, what he regain freedom?

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