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Very Bad! She Screamed For Help But No One Came To Rescue Her, See What The Attackers Later Did To Her

A social media user has shared the terrible incident that happened to a lady who was jogging on the Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge yesterday around 5:40am.

 The lady sent the message on social media to warn everyone living in Lekkiphase1/ikoyi to be very watchful and careful because the streets lights are off lately (according to her) and criminals are using the opportunity to perpetrate evil. 

What happened to the poor lady who was attacked was quite sad because even though she was screaming, no one came outside to help her maybe because they were also scared. Read patiently to get the full story.

A lady says in a twitter post that “Please, if you know anyone living in LekkiPhase1/Ikoyi and they love running/walking on the Lekki Ikoyi Link bridge (lately the streets lights are off)… Today, by 5:40am, we overheard a lady SCREAMING for help on the bridge”.

Little did the writer know that one of the victim’s relatives would come across her post on twitter! After she made this post, the victim’s sisters now recounted what the attackers later did to her sister after she had screamed for help without anyone coming to her rescue even though they heard her. 

The lady said “it was my sister screaming! She was mugged and really roughed up. Traumatic! She screamed but no one helped. Everyone walked by like nothing was happening. I love humans.”

The lady disclosed that it was her sister that was attacked by those assailants and after shouting for help, no one came to her rescue until the attackers mugged and roughed her up. As at the moment that she made that post, she revealed that her sister is still traumatic of that experience. She also shares the following pictures for people to see what the attackers did to her sister after she had cried for help. 

The cuts and and bruises are quite deep thus I had to blur it

The lady later revealed in another comment that her sister was robbed by some guys and they left her with broken finger, bruises in the face, gashes in her thighs and she said it could have been worse but she survived it after they carted away everything that was with her. 

The worst of it was that the lady revealed that while the attack was ongoing, people were passing by but none of them intervened to help her. She said everyone walked on without any sympathy. 

Hence, everyone has been advised to be very watchful and careful when embarking on early-morning jogging, especially when everywhere is still dark. Please, the rate of insecurity is currently alarming thus, let’s be very watchful and vigilant. 

Also, when you see someone is in trouble or screaming for help, try whatever you can to help the person in the best possible way. You can alert others in the neighborhood or even contact the security. It is quite inhumane to watch and listen to a fellow human being tortured by evil-doers like these.

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