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We Both Worked In The Same Bank, His Blue Eyes Attracted Me To Him And Now We Are Married

Love is indeed an amazing thing and the person we choose to get married to solely depends on us. The beauty about marriage is having a happy home and living in love, peace and harmony with each other. Over the years, whites have fallen in love with blacks and these marriages have really stood the test of time. A lady who is now married to the love of her life who is a white man has shared her romantic of her she met her husband.

According to her, they both worked in the same bank for a year in 2014 and Marc was one of her trainers and he was making underground enquiries about her. On the other hand, this lady was admired his piercing blue eyes and thus made them to start up a conversation so as to know each other better.

To cut the long story short, thus beautiful lady is now married to this white man and the marriage was done in a grand style.

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White man dressed in traditional wares so as to make the wedding more colorful.

This is indeed an amazing thing, this lady fell in love with his blue eyes and the man took it up from there. Happy Married life to them. 

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