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Years After Evans Was Arrested And Sentenced To Death, Check Out Recent Updates About His Case

Recall; Chwukwudi Dumee Onuamadike popularly referred to as Evans the kidnapper?

On the 30th of august 2017, the Nigerian police announced that they have finally arrested Evans the billionaire kidnapper kingpin after he alledgely evaded arrest 4 times.

Chukwudi Dumee Onuamadike, popularly known as Evans, is a Nigerian alledged kidnapper. Onuamadike is from Nnewi, Anambra state. He is sometimes refered to as the billionaire kidnapper because the police believes he is one of the richest criminals in the kidnapping business in Nigeria.

Evans and his gang members keep their victims in Lagos at house 21, prophet Asaye close new igando, lagos state until random is paid to him, and the ransom money is usually paid to him in millions of dollars.

However, he was arrested 4 years after police declared him wanted in 2013. Evans was arrested in his magodo mansion while he was already planning to flee the country.

According to some online publications; he was caught and taken to court for trial, and since then not much have been heard about him, but just 5 months ago, an Ikeja high court sentenced him to death after he was found guilty of all the kidnapping and conspiracy allegations levelled against him.

Evans the kidnapper, who has changed lawyers 5 times in the course of his trial, hasn't been killed or executed yet but he is currently being remanded in prison.

Source: The nation newspapers.

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